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A low cost alternative for vitreous enamel signs

Vitreous enamel signs are often used for public places such as the London underground, bus stops, way finding in city's and parks. The product is extremely durable and graffiti is easily removed making it the perfect choice for this kind of signage application.

Over the years I have had multiple enquiries for this product for various way finding and interior fit out - signage & graphic tender packages. We have nearly always looked for an alternative product as the cost point was generally too high for our clients and suggested alternatives such as aluminium trays with vinyl letters or under surface printed clear acrylic.

We now have a real alternative to vitreous enamel signs "Digivit" that is printed digitally and we are just about to install this product as a single way finding sign for a signage package we are installing in the next week or so.

Digivit is digitally printed and bonded to the aluminium and has a clear scratch and graffiti resistant coating with a 10 year warranty. We are also able to apply an anti bacterial coating making is suitable for the healthcare industry.

For more information on "Digivit" email or call 01622 962302

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