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Cladding Renovation & Refurbishment, Colour Change Vinyl Wrap Film.

​Adplan were recently approached by a contractor to look at colour changing aluminium cladding for a retail park. This coincided nicely with the recent launch of the Avery Dennison Facade paint replacement film.

The project we were tendering was for over 2000 square metres therefore we needed to find a product that had the durability and ease of application to make wrapping the aluminium cladding a viable option.

We took delivery of 10 metres of the Avery Facade film for us to test and train our installation team with and were amazed by the products ability to breathe a whole new lease of life into whatever substrate we applied it to and the speed in which we were able to install.

The swatch above shows the standard colours available and we are also able to colour match the film to any RAL or pattern reference we are given.

We have rigorously tested the product and trained our staff to enable us to be able to react quickly and professionally to any enquiry that we recieve for this exciting new cladding refurbishment and colour change product.

Key Features

  • 90 micron single layer solution

  • Excellent conformability

  • Up to 10 years durability

  • Permanent adhesion - no primer required

  • Broad application and service temperature

  • Fire classification to European standards

  • Custom colour match

Key Benefits

  • Conforms over curved & irregular surfaces, for a smooth paint-like finish

  • Efficiency - fast, clean application with minimal disruption and downtime

  • Aesthetic appearance maintained for up to 10 years

  • Cost effective solution versus conventional paint

  • Unique custom/branded colour & finishes for building owners

Recommended Uses

  • To restyle, refurbish, brand or decorate commercial, retail and residential buildings

  • Designed for exterior building facades, window frames, door frames & panels.

The video below gives some further information on the uses for this film.

For further enquiries please email or call 01622 962302.

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