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Vehicle graphics - 5 quick top tips to ensure a ROI

Vehicle branding 5 top tips

Here are 5 key points that should be considered to ensure a successful ROI from the cost of vehicle advertising.


The first thing to consider is what the objective is. A local builder for example would like their vehicle to be noticed locally to generate leads and ultimately revenue. Larger firms may be looking to reinforce their brand and increase awareness.


A design should be based around a company’s values and objectives, ensuring it reflects their other printed merchandise, stationary and website. It is key to make sure a company’s brand, logo or services are easily legible. Listing a company’s services can be useful but be careful not to add too much.

3.Visibility / Conspicuity

A logo, message or brand should be read or recognised within 3-4 seconds for pedestrians or passing traffic to be able to remember what they just saw. Making a website clear and easy to read is essential, further contact details will be on the website so adding extra telephone numbers and email addresses is a waste of valuable advertising space.

High visibility / reflective markings are required by law for some businesses if their vehicles are parked by the road or motorway.

4.Correct films

There are 3 main grades of vehicle graphic films available.

Monomeric - for short term 1-3 year promotions.

Polymeric - for long term 5-7 applications (suitable for most vehicle graphics).

Cast – Long term applications on uneven recessed surfaces where the film needs to be heated to comply to the curvature.

Reflective films come in either in engineering or a micro-prismatic. Micro-prismatic is used by the emergency services and vehicles that must to comply with Chapter 8 regulations.

5.To wrap or not to wrap.

A vehicle wrap is when a vehicle is partially or completely covered in a printed or coloured film. A vehicle wrap protects the vehicles bodywork and allows for higher impact advertising. Maintenance should be considered as a simple scratch on a door could mean a replacement graphic for the whole side that would be more costly than a cut vinyl letter design.

Adplan have a range of vehicle graphic films available and offer a free design service.

If you would like some more advise or information, the team at Adplan group are here to help.

email hello@adplancreative or call 01622 962302

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