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How 3D signage renders and graphic visualisations changed the signage industry.

Since my early days in the signage trade creating realistic visuals and renders for signage and graphic projects has always been a challenge.

I remember back in 1999 when I first started in the industry, I used hand drawn sketches and a font book to explain to clients how the graphics will look. The client and myself didn't really know how their finished van graphics or signs would look until the job was finished.

A year or so later we started to create computer generated visuals in Corel Draw, Photoshop and Illustrator, these were printed off and presented to the client in person or by fax as most cleints that time didn't use email.

With the advance of email, internet speeds and the use of scaled vehicle templates things got a whole lot faster. There was a revolution at this point, now clients could see exactly how their vehicle will look and sign companies were able to use vehicle templates to scale the graphics and sign artwork off without physically seeing the customer or vehicle until installation.

Computer generated visuals for artwork sign off is now standard practice for most signage companies. Although there have been occasions when Corel Draw, Photoshop and Illustrator haven't quite been able to create a detailed enough Illustration for more complicated architectural signage projects.

We have recently created visuals for a couple of high end signage projects that require halo illumination on chrome lettering for one and etched infill brass mounted onto wood for another.

To visualise these projects we not only created a 3D render but also an animated video and an interactive file the client can use to inspect each part of the sign in the finest detail. The design program used was Solidworks and can export a JPG for the 3D render visual, an MP4 for the animation and an EPRT file for the client to inspect the sign in full detail. The EPRT file is viewed through a free software called E-Drawings that is avilable for, PC, Mac, Android and IOS.

Now we have the ability to use the Solidworks software we are looking to offer our services not just for our clients but for architects and other signage companies.

Our prices start from Just £75 for a 3D render (subject to complexity).

Below are some examples of finished renders and an physical sign,

If you have any questions please call 01622 962302 or email

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