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Advertising property with printed hoarding

Using the perimeter of a commercial or residential property can be one of the most effect ways for landowners to make local residents and businesses aware that the property is available for sale or to let.

It is important to keep the message clean, clear and memorable so that passing traffic can remember the name of the agent selling or letting the property. Too much text on this format of advertising can mean that there is too much to take in for the 10 seconds it takes for the potential client to drive past.

There are a number of solutions available to create these large format images but most often an Aluminium Composite material (ACM) is printed directly and then sealed with a gloss laminate or an anti graffiti laminate if located in a city.

Thousands of potential clients will see the advertisement every day for a one off cost making this a great way to market property.

The Image above is a project not only designed but also printed and installed by Adplan Group, the client wanted to create the impression the units were already occupied with different businesses but with the contact details of the agents clearly shown.

This project was installed in central London, from enquiry to installation took just four weeks.

If you have a property to let or for sale and would like to know more about how printed advertising hoarding may work for you call 01622 962032 or email

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